New dry-stack at Universal

Hamble River marina joins growing list of dry-stacks

Hamble Yacht Services (HYS) Universal have opened 60 new dry racking facilities at Universal Marina.

Based on the eastern side of the River Hamble, the facilities have been developed as part of ongoing improvements at the Universal Marina site.

Last year HYS opened up popular dry-racking facilities in Port Hamble.

The demand for these services, which far exceeded the berths available, resulted in HYS investing in the development of additional dry-racking at Universal, which has included the purchase of a custom built fork lift and development of an operational area.

The dry racking facilities at HYS Universal can accommodate boats up to 10 meters in length weighing no more than 10 tons.

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They say: “Storage rates are comparable to other berthing facilities in the area.

“In addition, customers benefit from reduced maintenance costs because dry storage reduces the need to remove fouling regularly from the bottom of the boat, and a clean hull also helps reduce fuel consumption.”

Malcolm Hearnden, General Manager of Hamble Yacht Services (HYS) says: “The company is delighted to expand its dry sailing service, with the installation of a fully customised dry racking system for ribs and power boats up to 10 meters on the eastern side of the Hamble River.

“With the continued development at Universal Marina, these latest facilities make it one off the best service yards on the river, with quick access to the Solent.”


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