Pershing 70 launched in time for Cannes

The Pershing 70 hits the water with some interesting new appendages

The Pershing recipe hasn’t changed much over the years. They are, in general, large silver sportscruisers with huge amounts of power and even more sex appeal.

So the Pershing 70 and its new “wings” over the side decks marks a relatively large departure from the norm.

They may seem a small addition but they significantly change the look of the boat, for better or worse is for you to decide.

The idea behind the appendages is to provide a greater feeling of protection at the aft end of the side decks but also to allow the cockpit to spread in to the full width of the boat, with the decks becoming part of the living space.

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Inside it’s back to what we know, a minimalistic, high-quality interior with three cabins and bathrooms below decks.

The master cabin lies amidships and gets a spacious ensuite bathroom plus, of course, a large pair of hull windows borrowed from the 62.

The entire boat will be run via the NAVIOP central control system from touch screens that can be placed all over the boat. This means no matter where you are you can control basic functions like lighting or even start the generators and activate bilge pumps.

In the engineroom are a pair of MTU M94 1,623hp engines coupled to Top System 85P surface drives, a set up that means a cruising speed of 39 knots and 44 knots flat out. Now that’s the Pershing we know.

The boat will be making its international debut at the Cannes Boat Show next month.

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