Rare 1961 Chris-Craft Continental 21 to go up for auction

This extremely rare Chris-Craft Continental 21 will be going up for auction at Auctions America’s upcoming Fort Lauderdale event

A rare slice of 1960s boating nostalgia is due to go under the hammer in a couple of weeks, with this 1961 Chris-Craft Continental 21 set for auction.

One of the earliest examples of a hardtop sportsboat, Over The Top was built in October 1960 and launched the following year.

The auctioneers report that 96 models were built in the original production run but only 12 are known to have survived to the present day.

1961 Chris Craft Continental 21 stern viewThe standout feature is a factory-fit glass fibre hardtop with aluminium supports and hinged gull-wing hatches for ease of boarding.

Power comes from a single 275hp V8 engine and the interior has been meticulously restored in retro pastel colours.

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The current owner claims to have spent more than $100,000 doing her up, making the estimated price of $125,000-$150,000 (including trailer) all the more remarkable.

Over The Top is set to be auctioned off on April 2 at the County Convention Center as part of Auctions America’s Fort Lauderdale Sale.

Founded in Michigan in 1874, Chris-Craft is one of America’s oldest and most highly-revered boating brands. New models are available in the UK through primary dealer Bates Wharf.


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