RB12 race for cars, planes and boats called off

Lack of entries kills event, but organisers plan comeback in 2014

RB12, the marathon race around Britain for 50 cars, 50 planes and 50 boats, has been called off, organisers confirmed this morning.

Neil McGrigor, the race chairman, told MBY: “The bottom line is there is a lack of entries and enthusiasm in 2012.”

The event was due to kick off on June 21, but at last count the field of boats had dropped to around 15 – not enough to sustain the race.

The car and plane portions of the event have also been cancelled, McGrigor said, since the anchor of the whole event was the boat race.

But it’s not the end of the event, with McGrigor saying the race has merely been deferred to 2014, when the “economic climate and appetite will be there”.

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This is the second round-Britain race in two years that has been called off, after a 2011 race failed to get off the ground.

The plan to race 50 cars, 50 planes and 50 boats around the country was always a hugely ambitious one, but early signs were positive with more than 200 expressions of interest to take part.

But the combination of a stale economy and the focus of the racing community switching to the Cowes to Monte Carlo next year meant interest dwindled from that early high.

“People clearly want to do some racing, just not in 2012,” McGrigor said.

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