Recoding advice from RYA

Tips on renewing commercial licence cheaply

Does your boat need recoding under the MCA Small Commercial Vessel Code of Practice?

The RYA have issued this release, aiming to help boaters save themselves some money:

If you own a UK boat, which is used for commercial activity, then it may well need recoding or annual inspection during the early part of 2008 prior to commissioning for the year.

The RYA are able to offer a considerable saving on the cost of coding a vessel to MGN 280 (M) for commercial use as an appointed MCA Certifying Authority throughout the UK. In addition, if it is likely that your boat is requiring inspection or coding abroad, the RYA can arrange for the relevant checks or surveys to be carried out outside of the UK.

For a vessel up to 24 metres load line length under a British flag and in commercial use with no more than 12 passengers, you are required by law to comply with the MCA Small Commercial Vessel Code of Practice. The RYA, as a Certifying Authority, administers the scheme for ribs, motor vessels including small workboats, bareboat and skippered sailing charter vessels and motor charter vessels, including dive and angling boats.

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The Code requires that these types of vessel comply with the required standards laid down with a full ‘out of the water’ condition survey and a stability assessment, along with a check on lifesaving and safety equipment before the vessel can be formally certificated. In addition, the Code requires that a Certifying Authority must inspect the vessel at certain stages, such as a change of ownership.

Should your boat need recoding or inspection, call the Technical Department of the RYA to hear how you can save money over the working life of your vessel and comply with the MCA Small Commercial Vessel Code of Practice.

If the vessel is currently listed with another Certifying Authority, you can switch to the RYA at no additional cost. Prices are currently held at the 2007 rates, until 06 May 2008.

For more information contact Marilyn Trodd in the RYA Technical Department.
Tel: 44 (0) 23 80 604 203.


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