RNLI and Finning aid sea safety

Joint effort between the RNLI and Finning to emphasize engine checks.

The RNLI and Finning Power Systems have teamed up to emphasise the importance of engine checks before a voyage.

Finning, the supplier of CAT C18 engines for the new Tamar class lifeboat, and the RNLI are emphasising how thorough engine checks can improve safety at sea. “We just want people to take five minutes before a journey to do their basic engine checks. We don’t expect you to become an engineer but too many people are scared of what is in the engine room,” says Bryn Jones of the RNLI.

Small booklets containing the 10-point checklist are being given out at boat shows but they are also available from any RNLI road show. The Finning website contains both the checklist and a video showing an engineer carrying out all the checks correctly if you are unsure of how to do them yourself.

See the video at the Finning website 


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