Round Britain for fun and for charity

Owner and his wife near the final stretch

Herefordshire estate agent Nick Craddock and wife Jo have spent the summer taking their Fairline Phantom 43 around the coast of Britain, starting from Brixham in May.

They are raising funds for the RNLI through initiatives with local estate agents at each of their stop-overs.

Here is Nick’s latest blog:

Wednesday 9th July

Looking at the various weather programs on the Internet (XC weather and Wind Guru) and following the weather on TV, I feel it possible to sum it up very easily – S H ONE T!

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The South coast especially is getting some strong winds and with no periods of calm, the sea state is likely to be rough – and we have to get round North Foreland to Dover (the eastern headland) with the Goodwin Sands (a large sandbank that dries) just offshore. Mmmmm.

The conclusion so far is that late Saturday or more likely Sunday morning is the only time possible, so it looks like I am London bound until then.

I suppose it could be worse – being in a prime marina below Tower Bridge with all the sights and sounds that abound here is fairly – well – COOL!

Today of course it is pouring down, so bit of a no go for slow Mr Hobbley me, still I am pleased to say that yesterday found us yet again on the sightseeing tour bus (its a 24hr ticket) and now we are well seasoned travellers.

We hopped off in Leicester Square and also Trafalgar Square with a diversion into the National Gallery and a view of “the Sunflowers” by someone called Van Gogh. Hopefully, if he’s still painting he will have improved by now (:-)

Tonight we are off to see “Spamalot” at the Palace Theatre in Shaftesbury Avenue. My first ever show in London (I don’t get out much) and as a fan of the original Monty Pythonesque humour I am looking forward to this treat – which comes with a meal in “Planet Hollywood” first as part of the deal. Tough hey!

One good thing that happened today is that within 24 hours of speaking with my optician Margaret Matteo in Ledbury (right next to our office and brilliant service) has produced and sent a new pair of glasses that arrived at the marina this morning. I gather the frames were chosen by Helen from the Ledbury office who must think I am cool and trendy as she has selected a pair that is very modern. The only slight drawback is that they make me look like Joe 90! My original specs went missing and the second pair I brought with me have fallen apart, so life has been a bit of a blur for a while. All is clear again now!

So I can only keep you updated with the boredom and drudgery of being in this God forsaken place with nothing going on at all, so I hope you will all bear with me and pray that we make it through these dark times – we might – JUST!” (Posted 9th July)

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