Round Britain Powerboat Race book

MBY writer Derek Wynans tells all

MBY contributor Derek Wynans has written a book about the 2008 Round Britain Offshore Powerboat Race.

Derek, from Oban, joined a series of boats in the gruelling contest, which was only the third time the race had been held since its inaugural run in 1969.

He was one of the amateurs lining up against hardened professional powerboat racers driving massively powerful craft.

Among other boats, Derek was on board the revamped Ocean Pirate, the classic Fairey Miss Daisy and eventual second-place Norwegian entry from Goldfish.

A spokesman for the publishers says: “Funny, gritty, and always painfully honest, Chasing The Horizon is one man’s true account of the hardships and horrors faced as he took part in one of the toughest offshore endurance races ever held.

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“Covering the race for one of the UK’s biggest boating magazines, Derek Wynans thought he had it made.

“The plan was simple – join one of the top-rated teams as they thundered round Britain at speeds of 90mph.

“But with just hours to go, the plan sank without a trace, leaving him no option but to beg total strangers for a lift.

“So began one of the toughest challenges the author ever had to face, from being abused by parrots to being propositioned by a Polish pimp.

“For Derek Wynans the easy part was racing across the tumultuous sea for six hours at a stretch.

“Finding a bed for the night and a ride for the next day, that was the real challenge.”

Derek has interviewed all the 47 teams that took part and attempts to tell their stories as they roared around the coast.
The book boasts black and white images by award-winning photographer Chris Davies, also a regular contributor to MBY.
Mike Lloyd, who organised the 2008 Round Britain, says: “Chasing The Horizon is a vivid personal account of the 2008 Round Britain Powerboat Race and brought back all the memories of those 10 crazy days.

“It’s hilariously funny in places and very poignant in others.

“I congratulate and thank Derek for writing this record of one of the greatest powerboat races in the world.”
Chasing The Horizon
ISBN Number: 978-0-9563938-0-7


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