Seakeeper 2 brings stabilisation to boats below 30ft

The all-new Seakeeper 2 is small enough to be fitted to boats between 27-32ft

Californian stabilisation specialist Seakeeper chose the Miami Boat Show as a platform to launch its smallest model ever, the Seakeeper 2.

Operated via a new touch screen panel and 25% lighter and 22% smaller than the previous smallest model, the new Seakeeper 2 introduces gyro stabilisation into boats below 30ft for the first time, with the unit being designed for 27-32ft vessels.

Based on exactly the same principles as its bigger brethren, the Seakeeper 2 works by spinning a flywheel in a vacuum at speeds of up to 9,000rpm, which creates a stable gyroscopic effect against which hydraulic rams can push to counteract boat roll.

It takes 35 minutes to reach maximum RPM, however stabilisation is achieved in just 24 minutes. Effective at all boat speeds, including zero, it can be operated in all sea conditions.

Unlike conventional fin stabilisers, the key advantage of the Seakeeper system is the lack of fins, or indeed anything else, outside of the boat which means that there is no additional hydrodynamic drag. Seakeeper says that its systems eliminate up to 95% of boat roll.

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Running exclusively on 12 volt power, there is no need to run a generator to power it, and the compact size means that it can fit into the leaning post of a centre console boat for example, thus requiring no structural modifications. The cost of the Seakeeper 2 is $22,700.


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