Sunny to Grey skies in St Vaast

The MBM team encounter a few boat problems prior to move tomorrow...

Wednesday 13th June

Day 5

Position – St Vaast

With heavy rain last night, today has remained overcast with grey skies above and with a very chilly breeze.

The MBM team discovered three major problems within the fleet today. After the channel crossing, the single engine Nimbus ‘Way Ahead’ suffered an over-heat; its impeller was severely damaged and consequently had to be replaced by Neale in Cherbourg. The owner, Murray started the engine this morning, just to check everything was ok prior to a move tomorrow. He found the same problem; there was no water coming through and out of the exhaust to cool the engine. Neale climbed aboard to investigate and found the second impeller had been damaged. This time the damage had been caused by a broken bit of the previous impeller, which had worked it’s way back up the system. Removing the offending piece and severed impeller, Neale replaced it with another new one. The engine ran as normal again, problem sorted, but this has stressed the importance to carrying spares just in case. Problem number two arose with Draco 3400 ‘Valhalla’. They had found a fault with their computerised electronic throttle control system. The starboard engine throttle was stuck at full revs for some reason. Both Claire and Neale spent a good couple of hours aboard with the owners referring to the manual and trying various things, but in the end they drew a blank. They suggested contacting the manufacturer. Luckily a local French dealer was able to talk them through the problem and it has now all been resolved. Another re-occurring problem is with Princess 286 ‘Time ‘n’ Again’s battery system. The boat had to be jump-started in Cherbourg but it seems that the run from Cherbourg to St Vaast was not long enough to charge them. This morning the engines failed to start. Again Neale climbed aboard and found that it was fault in the wiring of the battery charger and he has, fingers-crossed rectified the situation.

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The local Yamaha dealer has been around to change the oil in MBM’s control RIB Time Flies’ Yamaha Four Stroke 115hp outboard. The engine is now running ‘as sweet as a nut’.

There was a skippers briefing held at 1800hrs local. Weather permiting, tomorrow’s planned move to Dives su Mer is scheduled for 1100hrs, when the St Vaast gate opens. Neale has spoken to MBM’s weather guru Kim Hollamby and they have he agreed that it is possible for a move tomorrow however a decision will not be taken until the morning.

Tonight the MBM team have been invited to dine aboard ‘Zanigue’, the Neptune 465.



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