Symmetry: The double-headed superyacht from Sinot

Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design has revealed its latest concept, a double-headed superyacht that was developed in partnership with BMT Nigel Gee

For many people, the bow is the most beautiful part of boat design, as the proud, knife-like prow cuts through the water – so what if your superyacht had two of them?

That’s the idea behind the latest concept from Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design, which is named Symmetry (for pretty obvious reasons).

Unveiled at last month’s Monaco Yacht Show, the 180m design was described as “the next step in high-end megayacht design”.

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Despite the obvious loss off beam at the stern (wherever that is) Symmetry would still boast 1,000m2 of deck space and enough accommodation for 34 guests and 48 crew.

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And before you go thinking this is just some pie-in-the-sky drawing, we should mention that it was developed with renowned British naval architects BMT Nigel Gee, who have confirmed the concept’s technical feasibility.

Symmetry superyacht concept - 3D viewPower would come from a pair of Azipod DO1600 shaftdrive engines that should shift its 18,000-tonne hull to an estimated top speed of 19.2 knots.

Sander Sinot, the designer of Symmetry, said: “The yacht’s layout is created by symmetrically building up from the center, instead of using the traditional linear set up.

“The symmetrical shape of the hull allows for a bi-directional course at sea, tight maneuvers and pivoting.”

No guide price was given with the design, although its 180m length would make Symmetry the world’s joint-largest megayacht, alongside the £394m Azzam.


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