The Green Blue conference

SS Great Britain hosts Green Blue conference

The annual Green Blue conference, organised by the RYA and BMF, took place in Bristol this week.

Representatives including sailing clubs, marine businesses and marine authorities gathered at theSS Great Britainfor the event which promotes the sustainable use of coastal and inland waters in the UK.

As well as speeches from environmental representatives, the conference included workshops guiding the average boater on how to be more environmentally friendly on board, including the money-saving advantages of recycling.

Denise Robinson of Stone Sailing Club in Essex said: “The biggest challenge is to get all this information out to the members. But with what I’ve learnt today, I will be able to document things more clearly, and make new things not weird, but normal!”

The conference attracts visitors from all over the boating spectrum and Sarah Black the Green Blue project manager appealed for boaters to take notice: “The last four years of The Green Blue we have seen people take some great steps into the unknown, changing behaviour and becoming more environmentally friendly while out on the water. For me the next four years is about bringing our strap line to life, we want to make that sort of behaviour ‘second nature!”

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CEO of the RYA Rod Carr says: “The reality is, this is not a flash in the pan, but a long-term education process, and I’m personally proud of that.”

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