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New Hilton resort slammed over environment

The new Hilton resort in the Bahamas has been slammed for its environmental effects on the local ocean ecosystem.

The Bimini Bay Resort, which consists of luxury condominiums, a casino and mega-yacht marina, is said to be having a “devastating effect” on local sea life.

In order to accommodate the new property, and to allow the largest of yachts to navigate the new marina, vast areas of sea bed have been carved up and dredged.

There are also fears that the silting process may disturb fish stocks and effect the livelihoods of local fishermen.

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Further insult to injury has been caused by the CNBC international property awards who awarded the new complex in both the best new development and best new marina categories.

Concern has also grown over how the new resort may attract too many tourists for the small island to handle. The 10,000 people that the resort is capable of accommodating would swell the population by 700% putting a strain on local natural resources.

Tricia Barnett of Tourism Concern says: “Regrettably, winning these awards will provide an unwarranted feather in the cap of a tourism development that has caused irreversible damage to the lives of local people and the environment, and one which they will no doubt be used to market Bimini Bay Resort in a positive light to tourist.”

Tourism Concern have more information about the Bimini Bay Resort on their website.


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