Up to £300,000 cashback on new Maritimos

Big discounts on new Ozzie models

Motorboat manufacturers Maritimo are offering incredible cashback offers on new models of between £100,000 and £300,000.

The Australian firm made a mark with their first foray into the UK market with their 48 enclosed flybridge, exhibited at the PSP Southampton Boat Show.

Now the weakness of the Australian dollar means they can pass on financial gains to customers.

UK importer James Clarke says: “The reason we have offered the above discounts in this way is we want to protect the second hand markets for the boats.

“The discounts are genuine and are a combination of factory support and that the Australian dollar has weakened over the last two months.

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“The offers are for boats taken over the next six to eight months and are conditional on the factory support, which is on a limited number of boats only, and on the Australian dollar.

“For any orders placed, we will buy forward in currency so your price is then fixed, no matter what happened to the currency over the build-to-supply period.

“The thought is that the Australian dollar will strengthen if UK interest rates reduce. Our discounts and calculations are calculated at today’s exchange rates.”

The discounts are as follows:

Maritimo 48: £100,000 discount on the £680,851 ex VAT standard boat price;

Maritimo 52: £130,000 discount on the £895,574 ex VAT standard boat price;

Maritimo 60: £200,000 discount on the £1,353,319 ex VAT standard boat price;

Maritimo 73 (to be launched next year): £300,000 discount on the expected £2,300,000 ex VAT standard price.

Contact: Maritimo UK.
Tel: 44 (0)1258 822518.


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