VanDutch VD56 first look: New model kicks off Pardo era with IPS power

The VanDutch VD56 is the first new model fully designed and produced under Pardo’s stewardship.

Back in 2020 Cantiere Del Pardo bought VanDutch, the Dutch outfit founded in 2008, and since then, production of the VanDutch range has moved to Pardo’s facility in Forli, Italy,

Given that Pardo produces its own range of glamorous T-top sportscruisers it may seem an odd move to market a brand that could be seen as competition, but VanDutch has always done things slightly differently and will likely appeal to a different type of customer.

Picture the world’s most glamorous boating hot spots and you can bet your bottom dollar there will be a VanDutch floating around somewhere.

There was an element of form over function to the early boats but Pardo knows a thing or two about building well engineered cruising machines.

One major change it has made on this new VD56 is to introduce IPS to a VanDutch model for the first time.

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Sitting between the 48 and spectacularly mad 75, the VanDutch VD56 is likely to be an owner-operated machine.

IPS offers that ease of control at slow speed mixed with strong performance and, of course, leaves plenty of space on the lower deck for an extremely flexible accommodation arrangement.

The two different layouts are ‘lounge’ and ‘sleep’, the latter featuring a two-cabin setup with a lower dinette and separate bathroom, whereas the former targets those who will rarely sleep on board with an open-plan lounging space and occasional berth amidships.

It says quite a lot about the way these boats are used that the lounge layout is even an option on a 55ft sportscruiser, but that is the VanDutch way.

There are more practical, less compromised alternatives to the Van Dutch VD56 but few that will turn heads in quite the same way.

VanDutch VD56 specifications

LOA: 55ft 1in (16.8m)
Beam: 14ft 8in (4.52)
Engines: Volvo Penta IPS800/950
Top speed: 40 knots
Starting price: Available on application