Vector powerboat crash survivor discharged from hospital

Vector has confirmed that Simon Dredge has been discharged from hospital, nearly five weeks after he was involved in a dramatic powerboat crash

The teenage boy who was injured in last month’s Solent powerboat crash has been released from Southampton General Hospital this week, Vector has confirmed.

Simon Dredge was riding with his father Peter on a test run in a Vector V40 when it dramatically overturned while travelling at 65mph and crashed into a cardinal marker.

The powerboat crash happened near Warsash Maritime Academy shortly after 0800 on Wednesday May 13.

Three of the passengers on board managed to swim to safety, although Peter had to swim back into the upturned hull to save Simon who had become trapped inside.

Simon was then taken to hospital and early reports suggested that he had a life-threatening head injury, but five weeks from the powerboat crash on he looks set to make a full recovery.

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Mal Crease, CEO of Vector, told MBY: “Obviously we’re delighted that Simon is okay. He broke his arm, but he’s walking around and joking. He’s going to be 100% fine.”

Vector is continuing to investigate the cause of the powerboat crash, although driver error has been ruled out of the picture.

“The fact that everyone walked away is testament to the strength of the boat and its rollcage,” Mal continued. “We’re delighted with the way the boat performed, in a funny kind of way it’s been useful product research for us.”

Vector is best known for its partnership with Martini Racing, under whose iconic livery Peter Dredge won the 2014 Cowes-Torquay-Cowes race.


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