Sea Ray 580SSS

We thought the deck was excellent: it's rare to find this space designed with the movement of large numbers of people so much in mind.

We thought the deck was excellent: it’s rare to find this space designed with the movement of large numbers of people so much in mind. And Sea Ray are the consummate helm designers. Having lived with the integral sun canopy for three days, we wouldn’t want to be without one. It’s not at all at odds with the open-air, wind-in-the-hair philosophy; in fact, with periodic respite from the scorching sun, you can spend far longer outside.

Two sleeping cabins on a 58ft (17.7m) boat is a little unusual, but it’s quick and easy to arRange another berth, and in reality even boats this large are customarily used for day trips and weekending.

In terms of style, the 580SSS has moved closer to European tastes, but not surprisingly there’s still strong evidence of the US influence. So how has the 580SSS fared with the economic and cultural divide of the Atlantic? In design and engineering terms, the boat does well. Notwithstanding the lack of integration in styling details, there are elements that Sea Ray’s European targets might well envy.

Cost comparisons are more difficult. At less than £500,000, Sunseeker’s Predator 58 initially appears to be a steal compared to the £737,000 for the Sea Ray. But step aboard the 580SSS, and spatially it compares with Sunseeker’s next model, the £750,000 Predator 63, especially in the vast cockpit. Perhaps comparisons are inappropriate. Although the substance of the boats may be similar, the style is different. But if you do like the style, you won’t be disappointed with the substance of the Sea Ray.


Length overall (LOA) 60ft 10in 18.54m

Hull length 58ft 11in 17.96m

Beam 15ft 9in 4.80m

Draught 4ft 1in 1.25m

Air draught 11ft 5in 3.48m

Displacement 21.8 tonnes

Fuel capacity 583 imp gal 2650 litres

Water capacity 167 imp gal 757 litres

Engines Twin Caterpillar 3408TA

776hp @ 2,800rpm

V8-cylinder 18.0lt turbo diesels

Four-bladed propeller

30in diameter by 34in pitch (760mm by 860mm)

RPM Speed Trim GPH MPG Range

740 8.1 0.5° n/a n/a n/a

1,000 11.5 1.5° 7.8 1.48 689

1,500 20.2 2.5° 20.3 0.99 463

2,000 28.4 3.0° 43.0 0.66 308

2,300 34.0 3.0° 65.2 0.52 243

Range figures allow for 20% reserve, 50% fuel, 50% water, 4 crew.

Sea state: 18in (460mm) chop.

Wind strength: Force 1-2


Maximum Speed 34.0 knots

Maximum Range 243 miles at 2,300 rpm

Cruising Speed 28.4 knots

Cruising Range 308 miles at 2,000 rpm

Price from £737,287 ex tax

Price as tested £737,287 ex tax

Sound levels dB (A) Saloon Cockpit Cabin

Cruising @ 28.4 knots 80 87 84

Maximum @ 34.0 knots 82 89 86

Designer: Sea Ray Boats

Builder: Sea Ray Boats

2600 Sea Ray Boulevard, Knoxville, Tennessee TN37914, US.

Tel: +1 423 971 6552. Fax: +1 423 971 6417.

SUPPLIER: Marina Marbella (UK)

Firefly Road, Hamble Point Marina, Southampton, Hants SO31 4JD, UK.

Tel: +44 (0)1703 453005. Tel: +44 (0)7000 SEARAY. Fax: +44 (0)1703 456922.


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