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Windy 25 Mirage test review video

After years of telling the world that the best cuddy cabin sportboat is the Windy 25 Mirage, Nick Burnham finally gets the chance to find out if he was right

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Windys are always expected to deliver, but big changes behind the scenes mean this Kharma has even more to prove

Windy 31 Zonda

Windy has given us some great day cruisers down the years but now it’s created something far more aggressive. It’s called the Zonda and it is, quite simply, awesome.…


Our rating:  90%

Windy 39

Windy 39 set to make a splash in 2010

Windy 44

Windy Chinook 44 - As far as we know, the Chinook is unique amongst sportscruisers in offering sterndrive and IPS as alternatives

Windy 9800

The May 1987 issue of MBY contains an unusual boat report.

Windy 40 Bora

For me, the most impressive aspect of Windy's design philosophy has always been their persistent refusal to compromise practicality in the interests of fashion.