With an interior to die for and sparkling performance, the Princess 68 looks to be the whole package

Product Overview

Princess 68


  • Stunning saloon
  • Separate access to the master cabin
  • Classy finish
  • Strong performance


  • Upwind ride felt harsh at times
  • Lack of handholds in the saloon


Princess 68 review


On the face of it, the Princess 68 looks like another perfectly rounded, effortlessly capable if somewhat straight-laced flybridge. The exterior is handsome and timeless, typically restrained and likely to still look fresh in a quarter of a century.

Inside, though, the designers have added some real sparkle – not just through the detailing and quality of the fit-out but in the layout itself.

The saloon will blow you away with how spacious and open it is, not to mention the sheer size of the glass area in this main living space.

The central lounging area is the perfect focal point for entertaining and your galley is located aft, just inside the sliding doors.

When it’s time for bed you can nip down your private access stairway to the spectacular master cabin with the jaw-dropping, one-piece hull windows.

Okay, Prestige has been doing this sort of thing for a while on much smaller boats than this but Princess’ execution of this layout is right on the money. So far, so Princess but what is she like on the water?

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