Rodman 1250 Pro Fisher

How the new Pro epithet has given this tough old seadog a new lease of life

It’s been 10 years since MBM tested, and raved about, the Rodman 1250. So when we heard that there was a new version on the market, the Fisher Pro, we had to find out more. The big question was, what had Rodman done to the venerable old 1250? To our surprise the answer is nothing, instead the 1250 Fisher Pro is a completely new boat. And to give some weight (literally) to the enormity of just how completely the 1250 has changed, take a look at the total displacement, which has risen from a class-typical 11.5 tonnes to a massive 16.5 tonnes.
It’s this weight that really defines the differences between this new model and its predecessor. Step aboard and the Fisher Pro barely flinches, move about that huge aft deck and she sits in the water solid as a rock. Lift the cockpit hatches and heave out the substantial fish/storage boxes (a two-man job) to access the hull and you’ll find massive stringers and probably the best access to sterngear we’ve ever seen in this size of boat. Never was the expression “hewn from solid” more apt, the whole boat feels as though Rodman simply took a huge chunk of fibreglass and whittled a boat from it.

Nick says… What at first glance appeared to be a simple
new edition of an existing model proved, on further investigation, actually
proved to be so much more.



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Price as reviewed:



Displacement: 16.5 Tonnes
Top Speed: 28 Knots
Fuel Capacity: 382 gal (1733lt)
Beam: 13ft 10in (4.2m)
Cruising Speed: 25 Knots
Water Capacity: 93 gal (425)
RCD Category: B
Length Overall: 44ft 0in (13.4m)
Engines: 2x Volvo d6-435 shaftdrive
Range: 336 Miles

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