Coleman 100QT Xtreme wheeled cool box review

As the flagship of the range, the Coleman 100QT Xtreme cool box range is well worth a look for boaters on a budget.

High-density polyethylene construction with injected polyurethane foam insulation in the walls and lid help minimise the prospect of ‘warm’ spots.

In spite of its huge 94L / 100QT capacity, the Coleman 100QT Xtreme cool box is also much lighter and easier to handle than a lot of comparable boat coolers.

As well as rigid handles (rather than rope), it comes with integrated wheels and a longer rigid handle so you can tow it when fully loaded.

In spite of its lightweight construction, you can still use it as a seat too. In fact, the “Have-A-Seat” lid of this cool box will support up to 110kg and it also features four recessed cup holders.

These are large enough for tea mugs as well as drinks cans and there’s also a ruler moulded into the polyethylene so you can assess whether your catch is big enough to keep.

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There are of course elements of budgetary constraint here though. For instance, there are no dedicated rubber feet so you need level ground to prevent it rocking about when you sit on it.

The absence of rubber feet also means it tends to slide about on a fibreglass deck if you don’t tie it down.

Clearance beneath the box is also quite tight when you’re using the wheels over rough ground or loose sand.

And it would also be good to see some targeted add-ons like lid-top cushions, tie-down straps, trays, bottle openers and dividers.

That said, it’s precisely the absence of these features that enables it to provide so much volume in a relatively lightweight, compact and affordable package.

If you shop around for the best boat cooler deals, you can pick up the Coleman 100QT Xtreme for roughly 60% less than top-end cool boxes from the likes of Yeti.

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It’s undeniably basic and fuss-free but if you’re looking for reliable high-capacity cooling at a sensible price, it does a very decent job.


Capacity: 94L / 100QT
Weight: 10.6kg / 23.4lbs
Construction: HDPE
Warranty: 1 year

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