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Product Overview


  • Dazzling, jaw-dropping styling, excellent spec/good base price, top speed and cruising speed, thoughtful practical detailing


  • Intrusive hardtop structure, cockpit stowage not the best, mediocre engineroom access


Sessa Marine C68


Price as reviewed:

Sessa C68 teaser – October 2009

Motor Boat and Yachting were one of the first magazines to hop aboard the new Sessa C68 sportscruiser and carry out a comprehensive boat test. Even if you are gasping to part with around £1.5 million for your next big sportscruiser, we’d implore you to pause until the full Sessa C68 boat report appears in the December 2009 issue of Motor Boat and Yachting.

Here’s why it’s worth waiting. Form and function can be uneasy bedfellows at times. And with the world’s boatbuilders trying harder every day to grab your attention with ever more avant-garde styling, the relationship isn’t becoming any easier. So it was with a sense of relief that we burrowed around Sessa’s dramatically styled C68 rocket-ship (over 38 knots on test) to find that in only one area has the C68’s style dented its practical functioning. Class-best sidedeck safety isn’t something we’d been expecting on a boat whose dazzling metallic bronze hull looks as though it could have been sculpted by Michelangelo, but that’s what we found, along with some canny practical detailing, generous headroom and three roomy en-suite heads.
That practicality is complimented by an enjoyable dash of whimsy in places, notably in the galley, home to the most dramatic wine rack we’ve ever seen.

And the C68 is a sun worshippers delight, with its decadent sun loungers and nearby bimini on the foredeck, plus its convertible seating/sunbed in the cockpit. Read our December 2009 boat report to find out how the Sessa C68 fared when we pushed its glamorous nose out of the marina in Varazze in Northern Italy for a thorough workout.

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