Mochi Long Range 23

Mochi Long Range 23 - For all the innovative technology aboard what might just be the most interesting motor yacht of the year, it doesn't skimp on luxury living over its three decks

What they say “Mochi enters the expedition boat market with this revolutionary three-deck motor yacht boasting two new solutions – ‘zero emission mode’ hybrid propulsion, and the new ‘Fer.way’ (Ferretti Wave Efficient Yacht) hull that improves stability and reduces roll. It is designed for long periods at sea, in maximum comfort and safety – a synthesis of Nordic workboat tradition and ‘made-in-Italy’ taste.”

There is, not surprisingly, an astonishing array of electrical equipment below to store all this power for when the diesels are idle – almost 330 battery cells weighing two tonnes. The point is: it won’t always be emissions free, but when the electric motors are engaged, and you properly manage your on-board resources, you are considerably reducing your carbon footprint.

So what of these emissions claims? According to Ferretti, at eight knots in diesel-electric mode (powered by the generators rather than main engines), the 23 releases 450g of CO2 per nautical mile; they compare this with an Audi Q7 off-road car, which outputs 522g.

The yacht also hides an interesting hull shape – which builders the Ferretti group describe as ‘trans-planing’, rather than semi-displacement. It offers, they say, advantages in hydrodynamic efficiency and stability. It certainly is an eye-catching shape, and with a long underwater bulbous bow section and longitudinal tunnel sections aft protecting the props it can also take the ground.

For all the innovative technology aboard what might just be the most interesting motor yacht of the year, it doesn’t skimp on luxury living over its three decks. The beamy hull allows for a huge saloon that when left open to the cockpit creates the sort of deck area you’d expect on a bigger yacht. Above this there’s an upper deck helm station and an open flybridge above that.

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Below, there’s a choice of three or four sleeping cabins, with the full-beam owner’s cabin amidships. While the Long Range 23 is a departure from the lobster-boat styling we’ve become used to from Mochi, we’d expect the fit and finish to be typically classy. It will be launched at the Genoa show in October.


Describing a 23m motor yacht packed with twin 800hp diesels as 'zero emissions' seems on the face of it to be asking to have your collar felt by the green police, but that's the startling claim from Mochi. This is because the Long Range 23's MAN diesels are hybrid units with electric motors attached that will allow the 23 to cruise for up to nine hours under electric power, in what they call emissions-free mode.


Top Speed: 16 knots (diesel); 8 knots (electric) (est)
Beam: 20ft 6in (6.24m)
Length Overall: 75ft 6in (23.00m)
Engines: Twin 550hp or 800hp MAN diesel-electric
Boats for Sale: Mochi boats for sale
Contact: Ventura UKTel: 44 (0)20 7647 9000Website:

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