One-of-a-kind, the Elling E6 forces us to re-examine what it is that we want from our boating

Product Overview

Elling E6


  • Potential transatlantic range…
  • …or cruise at 17 knots
  • Tough Kevlar & Twaron hull
  • Category A plus tender garage!
  • Maximum 70dB(A) in pilothouse
  • Huge forward lazarette


  • Tedious engine access
  • External machinery room access


Elling E6 review


Price as reviewed:

£1,650,000.00 (Euros ex VAT)
The Elling E6 is so different to any other boat you are likely to encounter that it’s difficult establishing an independent frame of reference to judge it by.

So as a starting point, let’s use one of Elling’s own edicts, “to make the safest boat in the world” – an audacious claim indeed. But then Elling is a pretty bold outfit.

Elling E6

Twin Volvo Penta D13 900hp engines provide the power

Although the Dutch company has not yet done so with this new flagship E6, under controlled conditions it did (spectacularly and successfully) purposely roll one of its smaller E4 models through 360 degrees, just to prove its self-righting claim.

Like the E4, the E6’s hull is constructed from Kevlar and Twaron, two high strength aramid fibres which in practical boating terms are nigh on indestructible.

Elling E6

Raised aft deck allows space for the aft master cabin

With its single engine and 5,000 litre fuel tanks, as long as you slow down to single figure speeds it’s capable of crossing the Atlantic without refuelling.

And yet its 900hp Volvo is also capable of pushing it at over 20 knots, giving it a cruising speed in the high teens – fast enough to ignore adverse tides and bad weather on shorter and less demanding coastal passages like, say, Dartmouth to Gibraltar. So far, so very very safe.

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