The 27’s sibling, the English Harbour 29 Offshore, now has the newfound pace to match its amazing grace

Product Overview

English Harbour 29 Offshore


  • Exceptional (updated) accommodation
  • Inland and offshore versions
  • Offshore speeds up to 24 knots
  • Hardtop and Open versions
  • Andrew Wolstenholme hull design


  • Awkward companionway steps


English Harbour 29 Offshore review


Price as reviewed:

£161,800.00 (inc UK VAT)
The English Harbour 29 Offshore is the British company’s new high speed incarnation of its more sedate English Harbour 27.

It’s no surprise that English Harbour always had a faster version in mind; when you have such a sturdy and beautifully built Andrew Wolstenholme semi-displacement hull design lurking beneath your topsides, it could be considered almost impertinent to limit it to single figure speeds.

English Harbour Yachts 29 Offshore

The yard has slightly tweaked the cockpit seating to make life more comfortable

To cope with the higher speeds, the size of the long deep keel was reduced by about 50% and a bathing platform added to protect the new Volvo sterndrives (single 140hp, 170hp or 200hp) that give the 29 its newfound alacrity.

The result is a boat that is a delight to drive. No surprise that adding a sterndrive to a small-keel semi-displacement form produces an incredibly agile boat.

But that doesn’t mean the 29 is flighty; leave the wheel alone and the 29 tracks well at typical cruising speeds between 10 and 20 knots, albeit that at inland waterways speeds it doesn’t have the same directional stability as its slower, deeper-keeled sibling.

English Harbour Yachts 29 Offshore

The Andrew Wolstenholme hull is surefooted yet agile

Although our test conditions were undemanding, I got the impression that the fine forward sections would cut through far rougher water than we encountered in a similarly serene and bump-free way.

English Harbour has fine tuned the wonderful accommodation (for much more detail, please see our full February 2015 report on the 27, and the wheelhouse walkaround section of this website).

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