Trusty T28

The little ship with a big personality, the Trusty T28 comes with an enclosed helm, a shaftdrive single diesel and a semi-displacement hull

If the success of a boat can be measured by the enthusiasm of its owners then, based on a straw poll of one, the T28 is a smash hit. Ted Huckle, owner of the very first Trusty T28 handed over just days before our test, has a level of enthusiasm for his new boat that borders on the evangelical.

Built by the small Midlands-based company Trusty Motor Boats, the T28 doubles the company’s model range, sitting alongside the smaller T23. However, as well as the increased size, the T28 offers increased performance – where the T23 is strictly a displacement boat the John Moxham-designed semi- displacement T28 hull is built for speeds of up to 16 knots.

On the outside the T28 is a traditional motorcruiser. Gunwales dip from the high prow past upright cabin sides and the enclosed wheelhouse to the aft cockpit and vertical transom with a traditional bolt-on stainless steel bathing platform. With its navy topsides, cream superstructure and portholes there’s a sturdy ‘little ship’ feel.

A transom door makes stern-to boarding easy, but low topsides mean it’s not too much of a scramble to side board over the cockpit coaming into the large deep cockpit encircled by high stainless steel guardrails for extra security. That feeling of security extends to 9in-wide side decks with thick gauge stainless steel rails and an abundance of handrails, all of which make the Trusty a very easy and confidence inspiring boat to work aboard.

The wheelhouse encloses, courtesy of wooden doors that fold back to the edges allowing the cockpit and deck saloon area to become one. With the square-backed aft canopy erected the enclosed living space extends right to the transom for all-weather boating, made more comfortable by the standard-fit central heating that includes a cockpit duct. In better weather, drop the canopy, slide open the big wheelhouse windows and glass roof hatch and you’ve got as much fresh air as you’re likely to find this side of an open boat.

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Price: £144, 595 as tested (excluding VAT)


  • Solid, practical, spacious and well put together.


  • Mid cabin design.

Price as reviewed:



A real ‘little ship' and a delight to be aboard.


Top Speed: 16 knots, or 18 at a push
Beam: 10ft 10in (3.33m)
Cruising Speed: 10 or 11 knots
Engines: Yanmar 6BY-260 260hp V-drive diesel

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