Editor’s Choice: GoPro Hero 9

We use GoPro cameras for all our recent video tours of new boats.

They are small, indestructible and simple to use yet produce remarkably good quality video.

Don’t be fooled into thinking all action cams are the same, we’ve tried a number of different alternatives and none seem to offer the point and shoot simplicity of the GoPro range while still delivering consistently good footage regardless of light and shooting conditions.

They are perfectly suited for shooting boats for a number of key reasons.

Firstly they are waterproof to 33ft (10m), secondly they have exceptional built-in stabilisation which corrects even the shakiest of hands and roughest of rides and thirdly they have ultra wide angle lenses with remarkably little distortion which make even the smallest of cabins look suitably palatial.

A wide range of accessories such as suction cups, floating hand grips and all manner of different mounting options means you can attach it anything from dashboards and windscreens to grab rails and handlebars (perfect for jet skis and Seabobs).

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This latest GoPro Hero 9 model boasts all of the above plus a new sensor that allows you to shoot super high definition 5K video and 20 megapixel stills.

Unlike its predecessors, the Hero 9 also features a small front mounted screen in addition to the full width rear one so that you can see what you’re shooting even when you’re in front of the camera.

Multiple modes such as 8x slow motion and time lapse is great for capturing everything from high speed boat manoeuvres to sun rises over the marina, allowing you to really go to town when shooting your very own cruising video.

Do a good enough job of it and we may even feature it on the MBY Youtube channel.

Price: £379.99

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