Editor’s Choice: Scanstrut ROKK Wireless Active

Many of us have dreamed of a mobile phone charger for boats that's compatible with both Apple and Samsung products and many other brands too.

And now there is one. In fact, in a consumer sector seemingly unable to agree on a universal charging port, we think the Scanstrut ROKK Wireless Active provides a refreshing breath of fresh air.

Better still, designed from the ground up for marine use, the unit has an IPX6 waterproof rating, works off 12 or 24V and can even charge mobiles inside non-metallic waterproof phone cases, thereby making it an ideal boat bolt-on.

And on the subject of bolting it on, Scanstrut have made that easy too; all it takes is four screws to secure the unit onto any flat surface, with the IPX6 installation secured by way of a waterproof cable pass-through.

When it comes to charging, the ROKK Wireless Active has self-aligning, high grip jaws which ensure phones are held tightly and in the optimum position.

A smart LED indicates when a phone is charging and the unit incorporates a thermal cut-off protection system.

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The charging technology itself is Qi-certified, meaning it has been independently rigorously and vigorously tested to a standard laid down by the Wireless Power Consortium.

In addition, Scanstrut have done their own harsh environment testing, including vibration, impact and on-water trials.

UV stabilisation and the use of premium grade materials throughout should keep the ROKK Wireless Active looking good for a long time to come.

And after a salty weekend away exposed to the elements, all that’s needed is for the whole unit to be rinsed clean with fresh water – how easy is that?

In our view, this product will be welcomed by numerous boat owners and their crews – after all, how often is it that everyone on board has the same type of mobile?

Now, it doesn’t matter any more in this one-size-fits-all approach which largely does away with the tedious need for individual charging solutions.

Price: £138.00 (inc. VAT)

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