Editor’s Choice: Scanstrut ROKK Wireless Nest

Closely related to Scanstrut's ROKK Wireless Active charger is the ROKK Wireless Nest, which provides an excellent alternative for those looking for a fully integrated mobile phone charging solution.

Sharing the key IPX6 waterproofing and 12/24V operation features of its Active cousin, the 157mm-deep ROKK Wireless Nest fits snugly into a 130.5 x 82mm aperture cut into any available space on the boat.

Once there, it’s a permanent fixture which promises to deliver many hours of phone charging pleasure – all you do is pop your phone in and the Nest does the rest.

Once inside, charging begins instantly. A grippy mat prevents the phone from sliding around, with the front lip of the fascia providing an additional safety barrier.

We were pleased to note that Scanstrut have thoughtfully added a thumb cut-out to the lip so phones can be retrieved easily.

Another neat feature is what Scanstrut call their Foreign Object Detection system, which means the ROKK Wireless Nest can distinguish between phones and other items such as wallets and keys, making it a handy place to store personal belongings when it’s not busy charging.

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Like the Active, the Nest can accommodate any type of wirelessly-chargeable mobile up to 176 x 92mm in size, and with, for example, a chunky Samsung S9 measuring in at around 145 x 70mm most phones are going to fit.

But what about the water getting in, we hear you say? Well, while your phone may not take kindly to a dousing, it’s not a problem for the Nest as it has a built-in drain point to which an 8mm internal diameter waste pipe can be connected.

There’s no doubt in our minds that the Scanstrut ROKK Wireless Nest would make a discreet but functional addition to any boat – what’s more, it’s priced to go too.

Price: £107.99 (inc. VAT)

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