The 6 fastest boats we’ve tested this year – and why we loved driving them

Here at MBY we're lucky enough to drive some seriously fast boats. They may not be record breakers, but we reckon these 6 offer a driving experience that's hard to beat....

6. SAY 42

Top speed: 47 knots

The SAY 42 is a lightweight carbon fibre-hulled yacht powered by twin 430hp V8 petrol engines. It offers a thrilling ride with excellent acceleration and a top speed close to 50 knots, making it one of the fastest boats we tested in 2023.

The yacht features futuristic styling with a low drag hull, a T-top shade and suspension seats. What’s more, the Seakeeper gyro stabiliser ensures a stable ride in choppy waters.

Inside, the cabin provides a small but stylish living space with a big bed and separate bathroom. The SAY 42 combines high performance, surprising fuel efficiency and comfort, offering a unique and exhilarating boating experience.

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5. Cormate T28

Top speed: 47.3 knots

The Cormate T28 is the latest iteration of the renowned Cormate brand, offering a truly driver-focused experience. With a deep V-hull powered by a single 350hp Mercury V8 engine, the T28 is designed for exhilarating performance and agile handling.

The helm features racing throttles, offering precise control, while the boat’s responsiveness during turns adds to the thrill of driving. It handles and rides exceptionally well and remains efficient even at high speeds, consuming around 38 liters per hour at 27 knots.

The layout is versatile, featuring a sunbed, dining area, storage and a compact cabin for overnight stays. The T28 is not just a speed demon; it’s a well-rounded, stylish and thoughtfully designed powerboat.

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4. Ballistic XP80

Top speed: 48 knots

Ballistic RIBs’ XP80 is a very versatile vessel in their new Explorer line. A significant departure from the traditional RIB design, the XP80 features a pop-up tent for overnight stays.

The swim platform and low-level furniture expands the deck space, offering more onboard recreational options. The helm area is simple and uncluttered, while the boat’s performance delivers thrilling acceleration and an engaging driving experience, with speeds of up to 48 knots possible when fitted with a single Yamaha 300hp outboard.

The XP80’s adaptability and user-friendly design make it an attractive option for both watersports and coastal adventures.

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Top speed: 50 knots

The XO DFNDR 8 delivers a seriously impressive driving experience, which left a lasting impression, particularly in terms of acceleration and handling. The boat’s twin 200hp outboard engine set-up allows a top speed approaching 50 knots and fuel consumption stays relatively modest even at such high speeds.

The layout is typical of the Nordic commuter style, prioritising practicality, comfort, excellent visibility and ergonomic seating. A versatile and robust boat with a focus on performance and driving pleasure, the XO DFNDR 8 is a great choice for adventure seekers and speed junkies alike.

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2. Windy 34 Alizé

Top speed: 51.3 knots

The new Windy 34 Alizé serves as a replacement for the popular Windy 34 Camira that was phased out in 2013. The helm position is designed in a classical Windy style with bolstered helm seats and a well-arranged dashboard.

Performance is impressive with a quick planing time, a wide range of cruising speeds and relatively low fuel consumption. The boat’s deep V hull design allows for responsive handling and a soft ride in rough waters.

The Windy 34 Alizé is available with various engine options, including a pair of 440hp Volvo Penta D6 diesels for a top speed of 51 knots.

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1. Viggo C10 Offshore

Top speed: 60.1 knots

The Viggo C10 is a high-performance all-aluminium boat from Sweden. Powered by a pair of 450hp Mercury Racing outboards, with the option to go up to 2 x 500hp outboards, it tops out at more than 60 knots.

The boat’s design focuses on durability, practicality and safety, so it’s no surprise that the interior is functional rather than luxurious, with seating that can be converted into a large bed.

This speed machine is designed for those who value a simple, solid, reliable craft with an exceptional driving experience. Prices start at around £400,000 (ex. VAT), but the model we tested would set you back £550,000 (inc. VAT).

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