Whilst the skipper is duty-bound to stay sober, booze and boating can a dream combination for the crew.

What could be more sublime than relaxing on the stern, enjoying a cold beer in the sun, as the boat peacefully chugs along?

However, in this week’s Boat Fail, we learn that there are some times when sharing a can of lager on a motorboat can have disastrous consequences.

In the video, filmmaker Dane Steube is being towed behind a small outboard-powered boat and his friend responds to calls for a fresh beverage with a deft over-arm throw.

Unfortunately, the recipient’s reflexes are somewhat lacking and the beer strikes him square in the face, seemingly knocking him unconscious.

He then falls face-first into the water, narrowly missing the blades of the loudly whirring outboard engine and provoking some seriously strong language.

Despite this alarming accident, Dane assures us that his friend was rescued from the water, and everyone involved will surely think twice before throwing a beer between two moving boats again.