VIDEO: Cormate T27 Supersport relishes the rough

The Cormate T27 Supersport was desinged to get places fast whatever the weather and our test day in Poole couldn't have delivered more trying conditions for this Scandinavian speedster

The Cormate T27 Supersport is made by the same people who designed the Hyrdolift boats, Hydro Design. If you don’t know these boats then YouTube is your friend.

These handsome performance machines have been popular in their native Scandinavia since the early 2000s but now they have a UK agent and are aiming to take the fight to the likes of Windy, Chris-Craft and Goldfish.

The basics are mouthwatering: a single-stepped 24-degree hull on a sterndrive with up to 600hp shoehorned beneath the sun pad. Our test boat had the 350hp V8 fitted and topped 50 knots with laughable ease so the available performance of the 600hp version is a terrifying thought.

Face-altering speed aside there is more to the T27 than meets the eye like a practical cockpit and space to sleep two in comfort below decks. The finish and attention to detail is top notch, too.

The Cormate name may be unfamiliar to British ears but given how the T27 performed on our test it won’t be for much longer.

Read the report in the April 2016 issue of Motor Boat & Yachting.

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