We at Motor Boats Monthly have nothing but respect for the hardy souls who explore the northern reaches of the globe.

However, when you’re in a small cuddy cruiser and faced with a melting glacier shelf, it’s probably a good idea to give Mother Nature some distance.

In this week’s Boat Fail, we feature a boat load of intrepid explorers who were clearly so overwhelmed by the majesty of nature that they forgot about their own safety.

As the ice shelf plummets into the water the cameraman keeps filming, oblivious to the huge wave that is rushing towards him.

Seconds later the surge of water hits the bow and the cameraman dives for cover, but the plucky boat appears to come off unscathed, riding the swell as it motors away from the collapsing glacier.

No matter what your take on global warming is, you’ve got to admit that this particular crew were very lucky to get away in one piece.