VIDEO: Can the new Draco 26 Sport live up to its Windy heritage?

The latest Draco model promises Windy DNA at a more reasonable price. In this video, Nick Burnham puts that promise to the test

Back in the 1980s and 90s, Draco was a big name in boating in its own right, but these days it is better known as the budget arm of Windy.

In this video, Nick Burnham tries out the new Draco 26 Sport to see if the Windy DNA can be transferred to a more reasonably priced boat.

Nick praises the layout, featuring a comfortable bow rider section, clever folding sundeck, and a multitude of grabrails.

Out on the water, the Yamaha 300hp outboard gives a top speed of 40 knots, but the Draco still feels comfortable at 30-35 knots, meaning it would be a great passage-maker.

The handling is not quite as incisive as on a Windy, but Nick still enjoyed the firm and comfortable ride and the super-responsive cornering, which makes you feel like the Draco is running on rails.

To watch our new boat test of the Draco 26 Sport, click on the video below, and for Nick’s full verdict pick up the September edition of MBM, out 21 August.

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