Vladimir Putin is hardly one to pass up the opportunity for a publicity stunt, and true to form the Russian President was filmed taking a Black Sea expedition in a mini submarine this week.

This is the third time that Putin has carried out such a stunt, with previous dives carried out in Lake Baikal in 2009 and off the coast of Finland in 2013, but his latest choice of mini-sub may interest superyacht owners.

The vessel in question is a C-Explorer 3 from U-Boat Worx, a company that will be exhibiting at next month’s Monaco Yacht Show (23-26 September).

Continuing the theme of luxury living, it appears that Putin arrived on site in a Sunseeker-style luxury flybridge.

Vladimir Putin on a Sunseeker?

Putin’s 83m dive was more than just a demostration of the mini-sub’s capabilities, however.

He was diving into the Black Sea to inspect a 10th century shipwreck off the coast of the Crimea at Sevastapol, which Russia controversially annexed from Ukraine last year.

Despite this aggressive military campaign, Putin still enjoys a 90% approval rating from the Russian people.

To watch Vladimir Putin diving into the Black Sea in a U-Boat Worx mini submarine, click on the video above.