Alfastreet Marine 28 Cabin: A multi-purpose vessel for the perfect weekend away *sponsored post*

The Alfastreet Marine 28 Cabin offers unique and multi-functional ergonomic cockpit and bow layout solutions to ensure maximum comfort on the water with a distinctive timeless design.

The design and engineering phases were merged together to optimise the living spaces. Whatever propulsion you choose from fully electric, petrol or diesel, the 28 Cabin is a safe and comfortable vessel that combines quality and enjoyment.

This model offers the most spacious cabin with a comfortable king-sized bed, separated heads and a full-height wardrobe. Access to the cockpit is extremely easy and safe to ensure the maximum comfort and allow for free movement while cruising.

The elegant, tinted side windows offer great views and provide plenty of natural light. Attention to detail is expressed throughout, ensuring your guests will feel at home when enjoying an overnight stay.

This vessel features LED technology for ambient illumination – ideal for enjoying a unique moment with your family or friends at night. The illuminated front console, seats and entrance provide indirect lighting for a romantic and relaxed atmosphere.

As with most Alfastreets, this model has the option of a fully hydraulic cockpit roof, which can be raised to whichever height you wish at the press of the button.

Once you’ve moored up, you can also seal the boat off from the elements at the touch of a button – this does away with the chore of putting up canvas covers and protects the woodwork and upholstery from UV damage.

The 28 comes with various propulsion options depending on the waters you intend to use it in. On inland waterways the preferred option is to go electric, with single or twin electric pod drives giving you a maximum speed of 8 knots for around 10 hours between charges.

Should you wish to experience coastal waters then choose the inboard engine option, available in petrol or diesel from a single 300hp Volvo Penta D4 diesel to Twin 300hp Mercruiser petrol engines, with the latter giving you a maximum speed of around 40 knots.

When ordering your new Alfastreet 28 there are a whole range or colour schemes available for the hull and a vast range of upholstery choices to ensure you can build your perfect boat.

Alfastreet Marine has been building boats for many years and have been supplying boats to the UK since 2016, where they have been very successful.

Alfastreet Marine UK is based in Marlow on the River Thames at Boat Showrooms of Harleyford where you can arrange to see their full range from the 18 open to the 28 Cabin.

For further information on the Alfastreet 28 or any other Alfastreet Marine model, call +44 (0) 1628 569 888, e-mail or visit: