Monaco Yacht Show 2019 preview: First look at super-luxe Origin [sponsored post]

Relaxing on his balcony overlooking Port Hercules, a few days out from the annual yacht show, Claudio Celiberti – the renowned (and notoriously private) artisan of ‘million pound kitchen’ fame – looks calm and composed

One would never be able to guess that he was days away from unveiling his brand new creation, Origin, at this year’s annual gala at the star-studded Monaco Yacht Show.

“As a boy, growing up in Italy, you never imagine you’ll be here, showcasing your work with the eyes of the world watching,” Claudio said, a smile playing across his face at the thought of the coming event.

Claudio grew up in a small Italian village and began learning architecture from his father at an early age. At the tender age of twelve, while other boys played football in the streets, he saved the money he earned doing small jobs and bought a scooter and a tool box.

“I did whatever I could,” he said, when reminded of this. “I mended broken taps, fixed damaged tiles, redesigned bathrooms… whatever I could do to learn.”

In 2012, inspired by the earth’s natural resources, Claudio completed what has been – up until now – his crowning glory; the ‘Fiore di Cristallo’ or, as it became known by the international press, the ‘million pound kitchen’.

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Handcrafted in Italy, it featured the world-famous Murano crystal, the production of which is a closely guarded secret on its native island.

The kitchen was a huge success with Claudio’s exclusive clientele – a group that has grown so much that the waiting lists for some of his creations now span several years – and his star has been rising ever since.

Now, over seven years later, he is back to unveil his latest work, Origin, at the most exclusive yacht show in the world. When asked about his choice of venue, he said: “The first yacht I ever boarded was here in Monaco.

“There is something magical about being out on the water here. It gives you time to think and imagine.

“Origin is the manifestation of our design philosophy at Studio Celiberti. We believe in luxury without limits, of customisable, amorphous creations that can be moulded to the vision of our clients.

“Sharing evenings and delicious meals with friends and family by the fire, sitting looking at the sunset over the ocean with a loved one, summer evenings bathed in candlelight – Origin is the perfect accompaniment to life’s most powerful moments.

“It is a reminder that the natural world is, above all, a place of adventure and romance and beautiful views. We need to take time out to enjoy it with the people that mean the most to us.”

The bespoke dining table, which features a customisable fire pit, can be built to any size or material and is the perfect addition to a yacht or a luxury family home.

Clients can tailor the fire table entirely according to their preference – including an ultra-lightweight version for yachts. Some of the most popular requests are for personalised engravings around the fire pit such as a family crest or motto.

The design has already proved extremely popular, with a waiting list of over a year. “The concept behind Origin is the fire that drives our creative ideas,” Claudio told us on his balcony, as the sun set on another fine day in Monaco.

“The process for building a compelling vision is the same for all of us. The only way to make things that last is to create without limits.”

Origin will be available to pre-order from the 24th September 2019. See Claudio’s previous work at


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