F-RIB Stowable RIB

Put simply, a tremendous little RIB that takes around five minutes to unfold and inflate.

Historically, small, inflatable, stowable rubber tenders have promised the world but fallen short of the mark, their limitations becoming clear when you set out in anything but flat calm conditions. If you have a significant distance to cover or a few bodies to transport, the job often proves too much and you can end up with a very unsatisfactory and watery end.

The F-RIB certainly bucks the trend for under delivering. Blowing the competition out of the water and cementing its place on the MBY Cool 50, the tender is quick to set up, uses a 240V pump to inflate and is super tough.

Designed by the Russian special forces (that explains the toughness), the F-RIB is brilliant in its simplicity. Assembly proved easy on test: the tender’s solid fibreglass bottom is divided into three sections, which are bonded to the inflatable tubes. Users unfold them, making sure the tongues fit into the grooves in each piece and inflate the tubes. A couple of bolts secure the floor in place.

We put the F-RIB through its paces with Bruce Jacobs who runs Rubicon 3 and skippers adventures sailing expeditions all around the world. The foldable tender proved effective in even the harshest environments of Greenland and Iceland.

“If anything [the F-RIB] under promises, and for ocean cruisers this should be on your ‘find a way to get this’ list,” explains Bruce.

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Folding down to a small, easy to handle size, the F-RIB is easily stowed away on board and comes in various sizes from 2.75m to 4.6m.

With very few parts to worry about, this innovative design provides a hassle-free, easily transportable solution for small motor boat and sailing boat owners where deck and stowage space is at a premium.


Price: from £2,195


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