Subea Easybreath Surface Snorkelling Mask

Reimagining the way we snorkel! This piece of kit is a family favourite and so simple everyone should have one.

Rather than fiddling with a mask and separate snorkel, and the hair-pulling straps that come with it, this all-in-one snorkel mask is really comfortable and effortless to pull on and adjust. You don’t even have the hassle of a mouthpiece as users breath in and out as normal.

A must for anyone heading to sunny shores; the MBY Cool 50 is as much about awesome, innovative kit as it is about products that make you smile, make life simpler and enhance the simple joys of being out on the water. Even better if they’re a bit of bargain, too. The Easybreath makes snorkelling accessible to everyone. The mask is not only well constructed – and feels much more durable than traditional snorkels – but it offers hours of fun and a much more enjoyable snorkel experience at a great price.

Dive over corals, spot sea life and slip it on and dive over the anchor – on test in the Med and the Solent, it proved a supremely handy piece of kit.

Subea Easybreath Surface Snorkelling Mask

As opposed to a traditional snorkel mask, the full face Easybreath gives a much wider 180º view of the seabed and with no need to fiddle with a cumbersome snorkel in your mouth, the Easybreath means swimmers can enjoy exciting marine life much more easily.

While tangled masks and all the snorkelling gubbins lie in a mess in a bucket in the lazarette, the Easybreath is mercifully an all-in-one unit, meaning the days of trying to match a snorkel with the correct mask are long gone. It’s also rather pleasant not to have to share previously used mouthpieces. The range comes in two sizes and is suitable for anyone over the age of 10.

On test, the Easybreath fogged up much less than traditional snorkel masks and the fabric straps were way more comfortable than the rubber straps of old. We found the medium/large version worked well for the adults on board, although families with kids and teens may want to invest in the smaller version.

Price: £24.99


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