Aquanaut Andante 438 OC

We take a first look at the new Aquanaut Andante 438 OC at the 2015 Dusseldorf Boat Show

The 2015 Düsseldorf Boat Show was so full of weird and wonderful Dutch steel boats that we began to wonder whether the designers had been spending a little too much time in Amsterdam’s notorious coffee shops.

It seems to have paid off though because the Aquanaut Andante 438 OC is a seriously good- looking boat.

That long slender bow and sweep of curved wheelhouse windows lend it real presence and will look just as good out at sea as it will on the inland waterways. It even has a pair of spinning Rotorswing stabilisers to keep it on an even keel in the rough.

The interior may be more of an acquired taste, with its overtly modern high gloss black and white colour scheme but like most steel boats this can be customised to suit.

What is nice is the sociable open-plan layout with a central galley and dining area next to the helm and a set of steps leading up to a mini flybridge with an aluminium hardtop that clamps down over it when not in use.

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The master cabin is in the bow with a rather low-ceilinged double guest cabin tucked under the wheelhouse, but the real surprise is the third double cabin accessed through a hidden entrance at the aft end of the saloon.

The only flaw in this arrangement is that all three cabins share the same bathroom, although the toilet and shower are at least in separate compartments.

A more conventional aft cabin version is available with double ensuite cabins at either end and a twin in the middle.

To take a first look at the Aquanaut Andante 438 OC, click on the slideshow above.


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