Cycle on water: Schiller water bike

Enjoy cycling but would rather be on water? You can do both with Schiller water bike

With a billion bikes on the planet built for land, Schiller Bikes decided it was time to pedal the road less travelled. Or more precisely, the water less biked.

Founded by Jessica Schiller, in 2013 she became the first person in history to bike across the San Francisco Bay and Hudson River. She now heads up a company that builds recreational water bikes. Built with stainless steel and anodised parts to minimise corrosion, the Schiller water bike is ridden just like any other, propelled by pedals and steered by handlebars. It even has a fairly conventional bike frame.

Schiller water bike on water

The difference, of course, are the floats it sits on. The whole thing assembles in about ten minutes from a package 1.2m x 0.33m x 0.9m and weighs in at 45kg fully assembled. On the water it will top 10mph with 4-5mph a comfortable cruising speed.

Price: from $5,500
Contact: Schiller Bikes

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