Haswing Motors Ultima 3 electric outboard motor: First look

Haswing Motors has been quietly making a range of small electric boat motors for some time now, from tiny trolling motors suitable for kayaks up to the Ultima 3 you see here.

The Haswing Ultima 3 electric outboard is suitable for boats up to 7m according to the manufacturer. The brushless DC motor produces 3hp (claimed to be equivalent to a 4hp petrol outboard), and it’s available in short and long shaft versions as well as the standard length.

Its detachable 30V, 1.03 kW 20.3AH LiPO battery charges in six hours on a mains charger and offers typical runtimes from three hours (on half throttle), up to 10 hours (on slow throttle).

Not only is the battery unusually light at 5kg (lightest in class, according to the manufacturer), it also connects to the engine in a single simple operation without the need for connecting cables or other fiddly parts – no bad thing when you’re bobbing about in a tender! Prices start from £1,570.

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Our sister title Yachting Monthly recently reviewed the Haswing Ultima 3 as part of its best electric outboard motor group test and electric boats expert Emrhys Barrell had this to say:

“The battery was the easiest of all in our test to fit and remove, just sliding down a set of grooves, with contacts in the bottom removing the need for any linking cables or wires, and an easy one-handed operation.

“The unit is well engineered, with stainless steel used throughout plus an anode as standard, making this suitable for use in salt water, and a spare anode and shear pin. The tiller/throttle hinges up and down for easy operation and storage. It has a streamlined aluminium leg, but rotates 360º.

“A magnetic kill cord is a useful safety feature, and there are 5 LEDs showing battery capacity remaining, but this is the only instrumentation, so there is no way of gauging how much power you are using. It also meant that with no exposed power cables, we could not measure intermediate power settings.”

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