Introducing Jetsurf: The petrol-powered 35-knot surfboard

The Jetsurf does exactly what it says on the tin – offering jet-drive powered surfing, provided you have the talent to master it!

Jetsurf boards are summed up neatly by their nomenclature – they’re surf boards with jet drives!

Powered by tiny petrol engines, these things are quick – the top-end Race Titanium model has a fuel injected 100hp engine that will catapult it straight to its maximum speed of 65km/h (35 knots) in just 2.8 seconds!

Other models are available, including the (mildly) less powerful Sport through to the Adventure Dfi that will run for up to an hour at a time.

Jetsurf-water-toys-tallAll are a similar size at just under 2m long and weigh up to 20kg, so they’re reasonably easy to store and manhandle.

The latest version is an electric-powered board that allows you to switch between ECO mode for longer distances or BOOST for even higher performance.

You can buy extra batteries, so the fun doesn’t stop when the battery goes flat. Prices start at €10,188.


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