Toy of the Month: TKO’s first electric surfboard promises 30-knot speeds

Another new kid on the electric surfboard block, The Kinetic Option TKO-001 has enough battery power for a 45-minute blast…

New products and even new companies are coming thick and fast as electric surfboards continue to rise in popularity. Latest to hit the market is from brand new company The Kinetic Option, which has just launched its first model, the TKO-001.

At just under 2m it weighs in at a chunky but manageable 20kg thanks to its advanced carbon composite construction. The maximum rider weight is 130kg, or about 20 stone in ‘old money’.

It’s powered by a 12kW liquid-cooled motor for a top speed of about 30 knots, which is not quite as fast as the Mo-Jet we covered last summer, but trust us – when you’re that close to the water, 30-knots is more than fast enough!

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A 2.8kWh battery gives up to 45 minutes of fun time and recharges in about two hours (you can, of course, have more than one so that the fun doesn’t have to stop each time a battery runs out of juice).

A wireless hand controller gives access to ten speeds, adjustable ‘on the fly’ and a magnetic kill switch cuts the power when the rider bails out. Prices start from £11,400.

Kinetic Option TKO-001 specifications

LOA: 6’7” / 2m
Weight: 20kg / 44lbs
Max rider weight: 130kg / 287lbs
Power: 12kW
Battery: 2.8kWh
Top speed: 30 knots / 55kmh
Charge time: 2hrs
Starting price: £11,400 / €13,900


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