Wave Jam: Electric jet board offers plenty of on-water fun

Steers like a body board, pulls like a water scooter, the Wave Jam would make a great addition to your on board toy store

Being dragged around the bay by an electric scooter is way more fun than it sounds – just ask anyone with a Seabob. The only problem can be the cost. New British start-up Asap Water Crafts may have the answer with its Wave Jam.

Wave-Jam-electric-scooter-top-viewMade from hard-wearing but soft-to-touch expanded polypropylene moulded foam (similar to car bumper material) and powered by lithium-ion cells, the Wave Jam is propelled by a 5kW fully enclosed propulsion system and can reach almost 9 knots depending on which of its three speeds you engage.

The 50V 31Ah battery should run it for about 40 minutes, depending on how it’s driven. Steering is controlled by leaning on it, just like a body board and a wrist-worn kill fob ensures that it won’t shoot off without you should you lose contact with it.

It doesn’t dive like a Seabob, but it isn’t priced like a Seabob either – you can pick one up for a little under £3,600.

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