Throw off your black water chains with ECOmar (sponsored post)

Why fitting an ECOmar treatment plant will free you from one of boating’s most unpleasant chores

Everyone hates pumping out black water tanks but is there a cleaner alternative?
Yes, instead of storing all your waste on board until you head offshore or find a convenient pump out station you can install a compact ECOmar sewage treatment plant.

This will neutralise the waste and make it completely safe to discharge even in environmentally sensitive areas such as rivers and marinas.

How does an ECOmar system work?
A probe constantly measures the level of your black water tank, doses it with the precise amount of hydrogen peroxide to neutralise any harmful bacteria and unpleasant odours, processes it twice to purify the contents then flushes out the harmless waste water and discharges it overboard.


A flow diagram of the ECOmar system’s inner workings

What do you need to do?
Almost nothing, the whole process is automated leaving you to get on with enjoying your boat.

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From time to time you’ll need to top up with hydrogen peroxide but most owners find that a single 25-litre tank lasts a full season and refills are readily available at marinas for around £90.

How easy is it to install?
Because the whole system plumbs into your existing black water tank with no need for a separate sludge tank, it’s all very simple.

The smallest ECOmar 20 is no bigger than a domestic washing machine and usually has no trouble fitting into the engineroom or lazerette of boats over 50ft.

It can process up to 2,000 litres per day – more than enough for even the busiest of charter yachts.


A typical ECOmar 20 installation

Who needs one?
Almost all boats benefit from the reduced hassle and unpleasant odours associated with untreated black tanks but particularly larger craft based in environmentally sensitive areas.

Most countries insist on craft being a minimum of 3 miles offshore before discharging untreated sewage while many marinas, port authorities and rivers operate a strict zero discharge policy.

In Monaco and the South of France some marinas won’t even allow boats to berth until they are satisfied with the boat’s plumbing arrangements. An ECOmar system will satisfy even the most stringent demands.

Nordhavn 64

ECOmar treatment systems can be fitted to all types of vessels over 50ft

Sounds good, what does it cost?
The ECOmar 20 costs £11,592 ex VAT and should take no more than two days to fit.

Aquamare is the UK dealer for all Technicomar products including the ECOmar range of sewage treatment plants.

Its team of trained specialists have been installing ECOmar treatment plants for the past ten years to all different types of craft from the Red Jet ferries on the Isle of Wight to houseboats on the Thames and superyachts in the South of France but increasingly it’s 60-90ft motoryachts that are starting to adopt them.

How do I find out more?
Click on the link to visit the website or give one of its specialists a call on +44 (0)1752 604603


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