Torqeedo 603 Travel first look: Mid-range electric outboard looks the business

Torqeedo has a new mid-range electric outboard – the Torqeedo 603 Travel. We explain what makes it different to previous offerings.

Powered by a 600W direct drive motor, equivalent to 2hp in both power and thrust, it’s ideal for a small tender and slots into the travel range of electric outboards between the 503 at 1.5hp and the 1103C at 3hp.

The shaft length is 62.5cm (equivalent to short shaft) and it weighs just 15.5kg complete, making it the lightest in its power class according to Torqeedo, something that really helps when transferring from tender to mothership.

And of course you can always remove the 500Wh high-performance lithium battery to cut the transfer weight further (the battery will even float, should you drop it!).

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The motor without battery weighs in at just over 11kg, so it’s very manageable and manoeuvrable. The Torqeedo 603 Travel’s range is about 11 miles at slow speed (4 knots), decreasing to about 4 miles when run flat out.

All the usual Torqeedo refinements are present and correct. IP67 rated as totally waterproof, the 603 Travel has a magnetic kill cord and an onboard computer providing instant readouts of operating range at current RPM and battery-charge status displayed on the tiller arm.

You can link it to an Apple or Android app and gain even more information including a map-based range indicator.

You can charge the Torqeedo 603 Travel from the mains, or direct from your boat’s 12V or 24V system, ideal for keeping the tender battery topped up on a cruise.

An optional solar panel means that you can charge it from the sun. Add that it never needs servicing, and operation once you’ve bought it is effectively free!

The RRP for the Torqeedo 603 Travel is £1,499.