Toy of the Month: EzRaft is the ideal micro-tender for smaller boats

When your boat isn’t big enough to carry a tender the inflatable EzRaft might be the answer...

Using lightweight high-tensile fabrics based on kite surfing technology, the smallest 250 model of the EzRaft weighs just 11kg, and measures 80x30x30cm when packed up, making it back-packable.

Its construction means strength, safety and durability are assured while the patented three-tube design requires no heavy structural parts. Even the paddles are telescopic.

EzRaft says it takes about five minutes to inflate and deflate. Inflated, the 250 is 250cm long, the 280 is 280cm long and the 310 is, well… you get the picture.

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Once afloat, the trimaran design means it’s more like a raft than a conventional inflatable boat. You sit high, and since the floor is above the waterline, it self-drains.

There’s a removable transom mounting plate for an outboard engine, with all three sizes taking up to 4hp (3kW).

The 250 model can carry four people/350kg, with the 280 and 310 carrying five and six people respectively.

The EzRaft could prove to be a real boon for smaller boats unable to carry a normal inflatable. Prices start from €880.

EzRaft 250 specifications

Dimensions (inflated): 250 x 145 x 52 cm
Dimensions (packed): 80 x 30 x 30cm
Weight: 11kg
Engine capacity: Up to 4hp outboard
Maximum payload: 350kg
Starting price: €880