De Antonio D50 Open first look: Is this the smallest hot tub boat in the world?

You may be thinking that the De Antonio D50 Open is just another T-top sportscruiser to offer up some competition to the Fjords, Pardos and Solarises of this world, but you would be wrong.

Yes, like these rivals, it has walkaround decks and a cockpit that carefully balances sunbathing space, a dining area and cooking facilities with some shelter provided by a T-top, but the De Antonio D50 Open has a few tricks tucked away up its sleeve.

Firstly, though it may look like it from the renders, it doesn’t run on sterndrives but outboards that are cleverly concealed beneath the aft sunpad.

This is smart because it offers the performance and easy maintenance of outboards and the look of an inboard boat with the aft sunpad and full-width bathing platform.

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Talking of performance, this is another area where the De Antonio stands out because with four 450hp outboards as an option it will hit a top speed of 50 knots, meaning it will cruise where most of the rivals from the brands above are at the end of their rev range.

However, the most remarkable thing about the De Antonio D50 Open is that you can specify a 2.5-metre saltwater hot tub on the foredeck.

By our reckoning it’s the smallest boat on the market to have this feature. Just make sure it’s empty before you open up those quadruple outboards.

De Antonio D50 Open specifications

LOA: 48ft 9in (14.9m)
Beam: 14ft 4in (4.4m)
Engines: Twin/triple/quad outboards up to 1,800hp
Top speed: 50 knots
Price from: €505,990 (inc. VAT)