Galeon 435 GTO first look: boats like this made Galeon such an attractive brand

A new GTO flagship has arrived in the form of the Galeon 435 GTO a four-season coupé as well as a Med-style day boat

Galeon’s smaller GTO models have already won a lot of fans for their sociable deck arrangements, their extraordinary volume and the playful extravagance of their styling. So when a new GTO flagship arrives, this is exactly how it needs to look.

It all begins with a beam so huge that you could comfortably accommodate a quad rig of outboards on the transom while still retaining room for extended swim platforms on both sides.

They lead forward onto a wide open cockpit that can be expanded by 1.8m, thanks to a pair of glazed drop-down balconies. And even the foredeck gets in on the ‘beamy-is-best’ day boating bandwagon.

The 435 provides up to nine forward-facing internal seats

Accessed via a secure walkway that runs through the port side of the screen, it uses hard angles and trademark hull projections to create a cat-style lounge way out of proportion to its sector.

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Those same beam-preserving forward hull projections do equally good things down in the owner’s cabin where, in spite of the port side deck, you get an entirely taper-free bed with full access on both sides, plus a huge starboard window for epic views of the water.

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Further aft, there’s also a central bathroom opposite the port galley, plus a fore-and-aft mid cabin with space for three, tucked neatly beneath the saloon deck.

That makes this a very credible cruiser for five people but in reality, the chief strengths of this boat are geared toward the needs of day boaters. Up at the helm, for instance, the three pilot seats back onto a U-shaped dinette with reversible backrests, so up to nine people can sit inside and face forwards.

Galeon’s hull projections do a great job of increasing volume

The coupé-style structure keeps everything nice and sheltered but with a two-piece sunroof, a pair of massive side windows that recede into the hull and a set of sliding aft doors, the sheer flexibility on offer here is really exciting.

Of course, a realistic on-the-water price of around £750,000 plus VAT is likely to prove a stumbling block for some and we don’t yet know how this beamy and voluminous platform will handle at sea.

But if you want a four-season coupé as well as a Med-style day boat; if you want huge party zones as well as proper cruising facilities, it’s boats exactly like this that have made Galeon such an attractive brand.

Galeon 435 GTO specifications

LOA: 44ft 9in (13.65m)
BEAM: 13ft 6in (4.11m)
ENGINES: Twin 600s – quad 500s
TOP SPEED: 48 knots
PRICE: from £567,105 ex VAT


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